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Free Ground Shipping on all U.S. Orders

Free Ground Shipping on all U.S. Orders

All about our latest sustainable denim collection

Substainable Material

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton Our organically sourced cotton has half the negative impact as the regular standard cotton. It is grown without harmful chemicals. It is good for the quality of soil and very good for the skin.

We used certified organic cotton fiber for most of our sustainable denim because we understand that our environmental impact starts at raw material level.

The organic cotton used for our products is certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and/or the Organic Content Standard 100 (OCS 100).v

Pre-Consumer Recycled Cotton

We are also using recycled cotton yarns made from production waste. No new dyeing necessary which in return saves water and reduce chemical usage


Tencel lyocell is a material made from raw wood and is one of the most eco-friendly fabric. It’s closed loop process allows it to use less water and minimize harmful waste. It’s luxurious soft hand feel makes for a very desirable material in sustainable denim.

We searched all over the world and found the most sustainable denim wash laundry.

Sustainable wash Process

Recycled water

We recycle water to save water and reduce from pollutingfresh water.


The laser machine uses a computerized technology to applywhisker and sanding pattern without the use of water andharmful chemicals.

E-Flow Process

Air is the future with this technology and we couldn’t bemore excited to be able to use it to wash our denim. Thisprocess bleaches down the ground color and apply stonewash. It transforms air to nano water bubbles that theninfuse chemicals to the garments to bleach it down.

Ozone Process

With Ozone technology we do away with pollution as it usesoxygen (O3) instead of bleaching chemicals such us sodiumhypo-chlorite. This technology also eliminates harmfulemission at the same time saving water.

EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring Software)

Finally, we are using the EIM software to measure and analyzethe environmental impact in developing our sustainable denimso we learn and understand how we can improve.

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